Sound Off #2
Sound Off #2
Sound Off #2
Sound Off #2

Sound Off #2


Number of Players: 2+
Great For: Mid-1st Grade & Up
Time to Play: 10 Minutes 

  • Practice the "OO" "U" "OU" "UE" sounds and print patterns in UNO routines
  • Discover print patterns for sounds
  • Discover sounds for print patterns
  • Power-up reading and spelling
  • Challenging sounds/print play drives students into the code

A challenging variation of the UNO routine. The light bulb goes off as kids discover how sounds and letters match in English. A winning way to power-up both reading and spelling skills.

Extend practice by having students sort the cards into
piles by vowel sounds. [“ou” “u” “oo” (loot) “oo” (hook) “ue”]

"Wow, You really have to think. This is cool."
- JB, 12 year old dyslexic student