Powerful Playbook
Powerful Playbook
Powerful Playbook
Powerful Playbook

Powerful Playbook


Great For: Teachers, Tutors , SLT's, and Parents

The Playbook will translate word level reading practice into a variety of language activities that support accuracy, fluency and reading comprehension skills. There are spelling and writing extensions as well.

Reading is LANGUAGE and the Playbook hits all of the marks:

  • Phonology [sounds]: phonemic awareness games from segmenting to Pig Latin
  • Semantics [meaning]: vocabulary, multiple meaning words, homophones, and idioms
  • Morphology [structure]: prefixes, roots, suffixes for word formation
  • Syntax [grammar and word order]: sentence focus with parts of speech and their jobs
  • Pragmatics [function/use]: lots of purposeful language play; social routines in card play

The Playbook can give you ideas to keep your language and reading practice fresh.

The bonus “overtime” play in this book extends the valuable reading practice of play2read’s ten decks into POWERFUL listening, talking, and writing activities.

“This is a goldmine! I feel so much more confident about my understanding of how language works in reading and spelling. Before, I didn’t really grasp the fact that reading is totally a language phenomena.”

JB, reading specialist