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Read the words.

Time the student as he reads all of the words in the deck. Time them 2 weeks later.

Sort into vowel sounds.

Segment the words into their sounds.

When given a segmented set of sounds, blend them into the word.

Write the word on a white board and have the student circle every sound in the word.

Which words have multiple meanings?

Which words have figurative language capacity?

Take 2 words and use in an oral sentence.

Take 3 words and use in an oral sentence.

Take 2 words and use in a written sentence.

Take 3 words and use in a written sentence.

Buy another deck and play memory/concentration.

Define words.

Give a synonym for every word.

Give an antonym for every word.

Give a word associated with the word.

Have student draw a word and keep talking about it—WITHOUT SAYING THE WORD-- until an opponent can identify the word. If you are in a group, whoever guesses the word gets the card. The student with the most cards wins.

Pull out all of the nouns and Play “I am going on a trip and taking……” Students take turns adding an item to the list. Students have to recall the entire list every time before they add their item. This fosters memory making strategies and provides an excellent teaching moment and practice for specific strategies.